Jul 14, 2014

Summer flowers


Have a beautiful week!

Photography by Maria Medeiros
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Jul 12, 2014

Mad Tea Party Blog Hop!

It's time for the Mad Tea Party! 

Thank you to Vanessa for hosting the magical party!


and visit the other lovely bloggers!

Enjoy the blog hop! 

Paper doll and drawings 

My daughter Eleni's drawing. She is 7.

Last Year I made lovely Alice on canvas!

I also made The Queen of Hearts mini paintings!
These are available also if you like just email me

sweetangelmt at hotmail . com

Hand made dough heart ornaments. :)

and a picture of a little magic glitter! :D
Thank you all for your visit and enjoy the blog hop!!!

GIVEAWAY! WINNERS ARE ---->  http://broomsticksandlace.blogspot.ca/

I've decided to giveaway some heart ornaments!
Please follow and comment on this post to be entered! YAY!
I will pick a winner On July 19th! :D


Jun 30, 2014

Summer sky and tea

I love the summer sky,
The warm colours,
Soothing and gold.
I also love my tea.
Have a lovely week! 
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Jun 23, 2014

Happy Canada Day from Fred!

We are so happy to have Fred visit our city and stay with us.
He is so cute and my daughters are in love with him. 
Please visit mailasmile.org and check out how you can help bring a smile to those In need. 

More photos to come soon! 

Jun 21, 2014

Summer 2014

I've taken some lovely summer photos. How have you been? 
How is your summer so far?  Here the weather is nice at times. 
Hot and humid mostly. 
Here are some photos of summer so far.
A lot of flowers, lovely blue toenails and new pretty makeup from essence.
The new line called cookies and cream! Sweet! I really like Essence. Really nice and so affordable.
If you have Instagram feel free to follow @cozycomfycouch

I bought these two body creams at walmart they are sticky on the hands but okay on the body.
The smell is okay at first but I won't be buying them again.

Have a great day! 

Jun 13, 2014

Sweet Summer

My little girl turned 2.
Time goes by fast. 

Summer is here and ice tea with frozen fruit is perfect.

I ordered these lovely empanadas from my friend Eleni. They are amazing!
If you are in the Toronto area and would like to order just let her know I sent you ;)

I received a special package from Monotaur books for a special secret
Tea blogger party! I can't tell you more until September and the info will be
Up on my book blog in September. http://Cozycomfybooks.blogspot.ca

Have a lovely week! 

Jun 3, 2014

7th Annual Mad Tea Party Hosted By A Fanciful Twist!

Look what's happening again this year!

how exciting! how fun to partake!

tea party fun!

You must attend! it is here! the 7th Annual Mad Tea Party!

A magical delightful Blog Hop!

-------------> INVITATION!

Jun 2, 2014

Summer Favourites

So summer has arrived! It's been very nice and warm. 
Is it bad to complain? lol a little too warm for me. 
Here are a few of my favourite things. 
Essence products that are so affordable and 
really good. Light and natural perfect for summer.

Instagram @cozycomfycouch 

I always have sunscreen on my girls before heading out in the sun.

I picked up this drink today and I love it! I love the Aloe Pulp in this drink. It's like jelly
in your drink which I really like. I love the Mango flavour. Very affordable also.

Love my Tic Tacs! I always have these with me.

A few treats for my girls. Not always but sometimes. ;D

Have a sweet week!
I'll be posting more favourites soon! 
Keep the sunscreen on and Carry on!